There is no right or wrong reason for seeing a counsellor: no special boxes to tick or profile to match.

You might be very clear about the changes you seek in your life, or you might be struggling to put your finger on what exactly is troubling you or holding you back. 

Perhaps there are things in your past you feel the need to talk about, or more recent events that you are finding it difficult to cope with. 

Whatever it is that brings you here, I believe that therapy has the potential to bring positive change to anyone's life.


If you're interested in working with me, just get in touch via phone, email, or the form below (whatever method you prefer) and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

It will help to know a little bit about what has brought you to counselling, and what times in the week might work best for you. 

Assuming we can match your schedule and my availability, we will arrange an initial meeting and you can decide after that if you want to continue meeting on a regular basis.


I see people at various locations in south and central London, and my availability at each place will vary from time to time.  

At the moment I have space to see new clients in New Malden, and outdoors in Richmond Park.  My fee for each 50-minute session is £60.  

Because of the restrictions placed on all of us by the situation surrounding the coronavirus, we can also conduct our sessions via Skype if you prefer.



I am an experienced and fully-qualified BACP-registered counsellor and psychotherapist, working in the NHS and in private practice.

I follow an integrative approach in my work, meaning that I was trained in a number of different theoretical methods, combined in a way that reflects who I am and which can flex to the needs of whoever I work with. My approach to the counselling relationship is fundamentally person-centred: it is based on a deep respect for each client’s individuality and a considered belief in their own natural potential to understand themselves and achieve whatever change they seek.

My experience as a therapist and my time working with the Samaritans has taught me how easily we can lose ourselves and struggle to cope, and how important it is to find a person or place where we can speak openly and be truly heard. This is what I try to provide in my counselling: a safe environment where clients can share whatever they wish to, and reconnect with the kind of person they wish to be.  


Problems I could help you with:

Anger. Anxiety. Bereavement. Childhood Experiences. Depression. Emotional Disturbance. Friendships. Frustration. Intimate Relationships. Life Transitions. Marital Problems. Misophonia. Parenting Issues. Self Harm. Self-Esteem. Sex and Sexuality. Sleep. Stress. Suicidal Thinking. Trauma. Work Problems.

Not every problem has a neat label, or a neat solution.  But talking about it can often be the first, most important step in relaxing its grip on you.



Counselling and therapy as we walk in the 2500 acres of Richmond Park, a National Nature Reserve and European Special Area of Conservation.

Physical activity in green spaces has benefits beyond physical activity alone: exposure to nature improves emotional wellbeing and relieves stress and mental fatigue. It can trigger deep reflection and rekindle our innate connections with the natural world.

Counselling as we walk in the park is consistent with Public Health England advice on social distancing to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.



55 Mount Road

New Malden





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